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Organic Superfood

Although there is no classification as to what foods should be categorized as a Superfood, most superfoods are plant-based that are loaded with nutritional benefits and very few calories and are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
The key to a healthy diet is to consume a variety of nutritious foods in the right quantities, however, this is not always possible if you lead a busy lifestyle or you simply do not have the time to put together a nutritious meal. An alternative solution to reap the nutritional benefits of organic vegetables are in their dehydrated form, like for instance the products from Sunny Corner Farm based in NSW Australia and Organica Vita’s food products from Slavonia, Croatia. These two organic farms are unique in the respect that everything is produced in-house, from seed, harvesting, the dehydration process to packaging. Quite rightly, just as Sunny Corner farm mentions, none of the fresh nutrient richness is loss and just one tablespoon of organic dehydrated vegetable powder equates to a handful of veg.
These nutrient packed powders are simple and quick to use, either in smoothies or juices, or added to cooked dishes, dressings and sauces.
Organica Vita (Primal Taste) states, this kind of diet leaves our digestive system unsaturated and leads to better physical condition and natural weight loss.