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Organic Cheeses

Becoming an organic farmer is not an easy choice to make, especially if you are an independent small farmer and even more so when you are producing cheese, as organic cheese farmers pay more to produce their milk and to maintain organic practices. They commit to maintaining their grazing land without chemical fertilisers and pesticides to providing salubrious care to their animals with natural products, and feeding them with organic farming products.
So why make the choice? Organic certification is expensive and layered with bureaucracy. It all comes down to two values, ethics and passion. Organic cheese farmers are wholly passionate about their produce which is usually passed down through family generations. They are also passionate about ethical farming techniques and practices for livestock and land, these two values are the cornerstones for todays organic farmers. This binding relationship between land and livestock produces a cheese that quite often results in a superior taste and quality.
We hope you enjoy reading about the small selection of organic cheeses we have chosen for our webshop. We believe it is as important to bring their story to you as well as their product. As our business developes and grows, our range and choice will undoubtedly grow for you too.