Welcome to fruitandveg.click

fruitandveg.click is a new doorstep delivery service but this is where the comparison ends to similar companies.

The products we are offering are specialist fruit and vegetables that have been sourced from independent organic farmers that produce seasonal products of the highest quality. From baby root vegetables, mushrooms, salads, herbs and truffles to an exciting selection of exotic fruits. We also supply oils that are uniquely cold pressed and organic.

The prosciutto, organic wine’s and cheese’s that we supply are from the old Austrian Hungarian empire region where family recipes and method’s have been passed down through the centuries for unique and wonderful products.
We give you product information on individual items to assist you if there is a need for particular nutritional requirements and health benefits

Alternatively, please contact us and we will endeavor to answer any product related questions or if there is a particular product not on our website that you may require we will do our upmost to obtain it for you.

We hope you enjoy browsing the unique variety of products that we have on offer and hope to hear from you soon.

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